Mele Kalikimaka

"Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say,
on a bright, Hawaiian Christmas dayyyy!"

Aloha! The week before Christmas, the entire Snyder clan packed up and flew to Maui! {I never realized how far Hawaii is from the East Coast... but all that flight time was so worth it!} It was such an awesome week filled with: family time, beaches and sun, fresh fruit shaved ice with sweet cream (x25), Christmas trees mixed with palm trees, beach slam ball, exploring grand hotels, legit hula lessons (my fave!), family pictures, Maui Tacos, the most entertaining magic show date night (for the adults), boogie boarding, snorkeling, pool games, late night hot tub time with my honey, and so much more! Thank you Mom and Dad Snyder for making this trip happen!! We'll never forget it!

[Below] The Snyder fam! From left to right...
Nate (Spencer's bro) & Wendy fam (+1)
Eric & Stacy (Spencer's sis) fam (+5)
Mom and Dad Snyder
Danny (Spencer's bro) & Brynn fam (+3) [just added #4!]
Spencer and Meg (+Kobe dog [not pictured]) ;)


Spencer and I took an afternoon to explore the Grand Wailea! WOW!
My family stayed there a couple times when I was younger, so it was fun to see it again!

Recognize this guy? Jason Sudeikis! Ran into him at Maui Tacos!

We had legit family hula lessons! So so so much fun!! I was in heaven. Love all my chicas.

The adult siblings went on a date to the most entertaining magic show in Lahaina!
Danny and Brynn were chosen to sit down in front and participate. It was hilarious.

Spencer and I decided to stay a few extra days after the rest of the family flew home.
It was so nice to relax and spend time together! We spent most of our time at the beach or pool!

Spending part of the Christmas season in Maui was a dream.
This was such a fun and memorable family trip!
Until next time, Hawaii. Aloha!!

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